The SEED Comic Book and Novel

This vlog summarizes the events of this past week (April 30 – May 4). In it, I discuss what’s happening with the book orders and why it’s taking so long. Please be patient. I haven’t even received my full inventory yet (still waiting on 200 books). I have received a few packages and immediately mailed a bunch out this week. …


What’s the status of SEED?

Some have wondered what is going on with my SEED project lately. Well, the short answer is that it is still moving forward… slowly. Yes, I did get side-tracked into all of the Flat Earth research I did over the past year, which has certainly consumed a lot of my time. At first, I was very concerned about this – as many others have been …

SEED Comic book and Augmented Reality

Ok… all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SEƎD comic book needs to be done like this. So, if you have any experience in this “Augmented Reality” type of thing, we definitely need to talk ASAP regarding a long-term relationship on this project. Just imagine the “seeds” I can plant into each story, with this type of interactivity! These guys are …


Fleshing out the SEED characters for the Graphic Novel

We’ve been trying to get the Graphic Novel Series off the ground for a while now. Unfortunately, we’ve had several setbacks, which have prevented us from moving forward as fast as I had hoped. So, I decided to tackle the project myself. The idea for the comic book/graphic novel started almost two years ago. While I do have the artistic …