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The episodic budget for most TV shows of similar genre is easily $3 million to $6 million each. Some shows even exceed $10 million. We are currently estimating our budget to be in the $4 million range per episode. But before we can even think about trying to raise that kind of money, we have some short-term goals to achieve first.  Thus, we’ve set our initial fund-raising efforts at a goal of $150,000. This will give us the necessary capital to hire some key production staff, and even do some pre-production work, which can then be leveraged to help raise the rest of the budget. You can help make this series happen! The status bar above shows where we currently are in real time. If you’d like to help move that blue bar further to the right, simply select a preset subscription amount from the list below or choose your own amount to contribute. We appreciate your support.

[As for why the multiples of 3, please CLICK HERE to learn more.]

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