$79,553 of $150,000 raised

The episodic budget for most TV shows of similar genre is easily $3 million to $6 million each. Some shows even exceed $10 million. We are currently estimating our budget to be in the $4 million range per episode.

But before we can even think about trying to raise that kind of money, we have some short-term goals to achieve first.  Thus, we’ve set our initial fund-raising efforts at a goal of $150,000. This will give us the necessary capital to hire some key production staff, and even do some pre-production work, which can then be leveraged to help raise the rest of the budget.

The following is a general summary of our step-by-step plan and what we believe we’ll need to accomplish it:

  • $150,000 is basically the bare minimum to get the ball rolling – it will mostly cover legal fees, contracts, and possibly enable us to hire a couple of employees to help take some of the load off of Rob Skiba.

UPDATE: As of Sept. 20, 2019, we have actually reached this goal! So why hasn’t the above status bar changed to reflect it? We recently received some large contributions (outside of this on-line form), which have been set aside specifically for the purpose of starting the CGI animation process. Thus, we will be using that money to create a photo-realistic 3D animated version of the first comic book (which is the Teaser for the first TV episode). The funds reflected in the above status bar represent the balance that we still have left over, which will be going toward other pre-production-related projects and the goals mentioned in the above bullet-point. So, in terms of current production status, basically, we are now somewhere close to half-way between the above bullet-point goals and this one…

  • $500,000 is basically the bare minimum to build a studio, hire some key CGI artists and start working on creating an amazing Trailer, which will then be used to make a push for the real money that this project will need in order to go into production.
  • $4 million is the estimated episodic budget and thus should enable us to get at least Episode 1 produced. (CLICK HERE to see how we came to this number).
  • $12 million should enable us to do the first 3 episodes (which is actually the 3 part Pilot for the series).
  • $15 million should enable us to do the first 4 episodes included in the script book we published last year – the 3 part Pilot plus episode 4, which is the proof of concept moving forward.
  • $20 million should enable us to do all of the above and give us an additional $5 million to sink into advertising, marketing and building our own proprietary infrastructure (to essentially become our own version of a Netflix type of platform).

Why so much money? Well, the bottom line is it takes millions/billions of dollars to reach/impact/influence millions/billions of people. Think about it. How many people do you think have been influenced by a show like Star Trek alone? Arguably, at least the same number of people as the dollars it took to finance all the different TV series and movies in that franchise. It’s practically a one-to-one ratio. And that’s just one franchise. The Enemy has done the same with thousands of franchises – thus relentlessly having a profound impact on cultures all around the world for decades.

In what way? Consider some of the most common themes we’ve seen in Blockbuster movies and TV shows these days:

  1. The son of god saves the world (problem is it’s always the wrong son of the wrong god).
  2. Superhuman hybrids (Nephilim) save the world.
  3. The Titans of “mythology” are the real answer to saving the world. So, they must return.
  4. Reach for the stars, for we came from them.
  5. Ancient Aliens seeded our world with the ingredients to kick-start evolution and “our parents” are coming back.
  6. Forget religion. Embrace science (falsely so-called).
  7. There is no God so anything goes. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  8. Witchcraft is cool. You should try it.
  9. LGBT has grown into LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual).
  10. Men suck. Women rule (ironically as they depict women now doing the very things they hate men for doing).

You see, the Enemy knows how to raise millions in order to gross billions, while indoctrinating the same numbers of people worldwide at the same time. Just think how many TV shows and movies are produced every year with the above themes (and worse). All of that was easily funded. They come up with an idea and within months, they are funded and within a year, they are either in production or have already gone from concept to completion and are moving on to the next project.

Will you help us combat this? Our goal is to produce something with the same quality as anything else you’ve seen on Prime Time television, but with the opposite message of some of the most successful franchises of all time in order to counter their agenda(s) with the truths we believe. But we can’t do it alone.

You can help make this series happen! But don’t let the big numbers above intimidate you. Remember, we’re starting small, with the reasonable first goal of $150,000. Once we achieve that goal, we’ll set our sights on the bigger ones. The status bar above shows where we currently are in real time. If you’d like to help move that blue bar further to the right, simply select a preset subscription amount from the list below (as for why the multiples of 3 given in the following options, please CLICK HERE to learn more) or choose your own amount to contribute.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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