Possibly taking SEED in a new direction

Right from the start, I had always wanted SEED to be a live-action TV series. By this I mean as opposed to a cartoon or animated series. But I recently watched the movie Beowulf, which was an all CGI movie. Even though it was made in 2007, I have to say, while not perfect, the photo-realistic technology was still pretty darn amazing.

Again, that was 12 years ago! The technology has massively improved since then. Take the trailer for the new (2019) Lion King movie for instance:

Between advanced Image Metrics Faceware and other recent advancements in CGI character modeling and animation capabilities, I’m now thinking that realistic animation is the way to go for SEED as opposed to shooting it as live-action. I mean, these days even the average person can download FREE software and immediately start working with photorealistic models, with tools like DAZ3D:

So the series can LOOK LIKE live-action, but be 100% CGI. Doing it this way may also be a lot cheaper to do (at least in the long run), while affording me the opportunity to basically do anything we can imagine – which would be significantly more challenging (and expensive) to do with a live action shoot. Instead of having to blend live action with CGI, the whole thing can be done CGI… but still look amazingly close to live. Definitely seeing LOTS of new possibilities here. So that you can see what I’m seeing, check out the videos in this playlist I’ve just put together:

Not long after coming to the conclusion that total CGI may be the way to go, I called my friend Keith Brock. He’s a CGI and MOCAP industry pioneer (who is also a strong Believer). And we just had an AWESOME meeting discussing the possibilities. As a result, a potentially HUGE future partnership may be the works. Prayers appreciated. Stand by for more as things develop…

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