Possibly taking SEED in a new direction

Right from the start, I had always wanted SEED to be a live-action TV series. By this I mean as opposed to a cartoon or animated series. But I recently watched the movie Beowulf, which was an all CGI movie. Even though it was made in 2007, I have to say, while not perfect, the photo-realistic technology was still pretty …

Download SEED-related Research

As with all of my stuff, this information is available for free on YouTube (and probably elsewhere). But for those who want to have the digital MP4 files instead of watching on-line or DVD, I have now made them available for instant download here. Just click on the pic above to go to our digital download store. Please note also …

New Proofs, Contacts and Potential Contacts

In this vlog, I show you the actual copies of the Basic and Special Edition versions of the SEED book. Then, I let you guys in on some recent connections I’ve made and hope to make as I attempt to build the team for this project. Please follow and like us:

Just got the proof in for one of the new books!

This is the proof for the Limited Collector’s Edition of the First Four SEED Episodes. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. This edition is in full color. The other two will be in black and white (except for the covers of course). I’ll post another vlog when they are up and available. Hopefully very soon. For special …


What’s the status of SEED?

Some have wondered what is going on with my SEED project lately. Well, the short answer is that it is still moving forward… slowly. Yes, I did get side-tracked into all of the Flat Earth research I did over the past year, which has certainly consumed a lot of my time. At first, I was very concerned about this – as many others have been …


Finally got to meet Rick Hummer in person

I finally got to meet and hang out with my SEED narrator and good friend, the multi-talented Rick Hummer tonight in person! We have of course spent a LOT of time chatting by phone and working together on-line this past year (as we worked on the SEED Audio Drama), but we have never actually met until now. He came down …